Accepted Insurance

We bill all insurance for you

Beautiful Dentistry bills to all dental insurance companies for you.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Our treatment plans can be structured into several phases to maximize your dental insurance benefit and minimize your out of pocket expense.

What is Dental Insurance Coverage?

Dental insurance is insurance designed to pay portions of the costs associated with dental care. There are a few different types of plans including individual or family. Generally, dental practices have a list of dental insurance companies that they accept.

What are the Dental Coverage Types?

For most dental insurance companies, dental procedures are broken down into three categories: Preventative, Basic or Restorative, and Major.

  • Preventative consists of routine cleanings and examinations.
  • Basic or Restorative consists of more advanced procedures including x-rays, sealants, fluoride, fillings and simple extractions. Root canals are considered to be either Basic or Major based on the patient’s past medical and dental history, or the procedure.
  • Lastly, Major covers procedures such as crowns, partials, dental implants, bridges, dentures, crowns, and surgical extractions.

Since all dental insurance carriers are different, it is important to clarify with the dentist what category the required dental procedures fall under. This is important because a few companies do not pay for Major procedures, and others pay only a limited amount.

How Much Will the Insurance Company Pay?

Dental insurance companies all have different yearly maximums, which is the maximum amount of money they are willing to pay. Every year, the yearly maximum will reset, but unused Insurance Benefits will not roll over. Most dental insurance companies’ yearly maximum averages between $1,000 to $1,500 of benefits. Keep in mind that most companies will not pay for cosmetic dentistry, for example teeth whitening.

At Beautiful Dentistry, we believe in phasic treatment planning which maximizes your Insurance Benefits over time. If your treatment can be split into several months, you can maximize your Insurance Benefit across two or more years.

Interest-Free Payments

To help finance your dental care, Beautiful Dentistry offers interest-free payment plans for any portion that dental insurance does not cover through Care-Credit.